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planning birthday party

Location, guest, invitation, supplies, cakes, games, food, decoration, theme- well you need to plan for all these to make your child's next birthday party a grand success.


Knowing all about pregnancy does not only help expectant women to take care of themselves but also of the yet-to-be-born baby whose actual learning starts during prenatal days.


Knowing more about child's development and expected behavior has become very important these days since most new generation parents do not have their mother around with answers to all your queries.

bedtime stories

Reading bedtime stories is considered to be one of the best ways to develop bond with your child. And it doesn't stop there. Bedtime stories also help in children's brain development.


Did you know that singing rhymes is a great tool to develop both listening and speaking skills- two key aspect of language learning? These rhymes will get your child quickly started with English.

did you know?

did you knowUterus grows up to 500 times that of its regular size during pregnancy.

fun & learn with tv

TV can be a very effective learning tool for children, if used appropriately. Check out programs that children love to watch and through these programs they get exposed to variety of things that was not possible otherwise.