Feeding Problems and Solutions

What problems might I encounter when feeding my baby?

If you are breast feeding you may encounter latch issues, sore or cracked nipples, and/or engorgement. In bottle feeding you may encounter a higher instance of gas and constipation, or milk allergies/lactose intolerance. In either case thrush, acid reflux, and teething can cause feeding problems.

How do I know if my baby has a feeding problem?

If your baby is not gaining weight the way it should, or is not producing at least six to eight wet diapers and three or so poopy diapers a day. Unusually fragrant or yellow urine may also be present. The baby may also be unwilling to feed or show signs of pain when feeding.

How to solve the above breast feeding problems?

For latch issues not caused by improper positioning you’ll need to see a specialist or consult your doctor. Cracked or sore nipples are most often a cause of improper positioning, though in the first weeks this is common even with a proper latch. Correct your latch to remedy the issue, or the case of a proper latch use ice, a supportive bra and hang in there. Engorgement will go away in time on its own. Do not pump simply to remove the excess milk. It will cause you to produce even more.

How to solve the above bottle feeding problems?

Look into baby holds that reduce and relieve gas. There are also infant gas drops which will relieve this. If symptoms persist try a different type of formula, preferably one without milk protein and see if the problem goes away. A milk allergy or lactose intolerance may be the cause. Also check to be sure you are holding the bottle properly. An improper hold or a bad bottle can cause the baby to swallow more air.

How to solve the other issues mentioned above?

Thrush will require medical care, consult your doctor. It can be recognized by white patches in the babies mouth. Thrush can also be a cause of nipple pain in breast feeding mothers.

Acid reflux can be reduced by positional changes. In severe cases, a doctor should be seen.

Teething is a natural process that all parents must suffer through. You can give ice gum massagers and toys for the baby to chew on. There are also many teething pain relief medications on the market today.


Feeding problems are really

Feeding problems are really hard to deal with, but in order to deal with them you need patience.

thnxx for sharing this

thnxx for sharing this article, In starting i was having breastfeeding issues.