Baby Massage: Why and How

Parental touch has been shown to have a wealth of benefits to a baby. Baby massage is one way parents can bring in these benefits. Infant massage itself has been shown to:

  • Sooth and relax upset babies, even relieving discomfort from gas, constipation and colic.
  • Increase blood circulation, which improves skin and muscle health.
  • Help babies sleep better.
  • Stimulate brain and sensory development
  • Create a stronger parent baby bond.

Many parents that regularly give their babies massages report that it led them to feel more comfortable and at ease with the stress of parenting, offered them yet another way to calm their baby when he or she was upset, and helped them understand the sometimes unspoken cues a baby can give regarding its wants and dislikes.

Infant massage is not difficult to do and can be done for as long as you like, though 15 minutes is the standard. You should choose a time when your baby is not hungry or tired, but has also not just eaten.

Lay your baby on the floor on a small towel or blanket. Have a bowl of massage oil ready. A vegetable-based oil is recommended. If your baby has sensitive skin be sure to test the oil before using all over.

Begin at baby’s legs. Get a small amount of oil on your hands and then rub it gently onto your baby’s thighs. Work down to the toes in long strokes, sort of like milking a cow. At the feet, gently rotate each one in soft circles and the rub the ankles and soles of the feet in circular motions using your thumbs. Work each toe individually. Obtain more oil as needed.

Next move to your baby’s arms and massage the same way you did the legs, but beginning at the upper arm. Then move to the hands and fingers in the same way as the feet and toes.

When finished move to the chest. Place your hands palm down on each side of your baby’s chest and make slow circular motions. When finished roll baby over onto his or her back and make small circular strokes around the spine. Finish by taking long strokes all the way from his or her neck to toes.


Baby massage are really very

Baby massage are really very good for our babies it not just improve his body development but also manage to develop our relationship with them. - Ellerslie Training

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