Raising a Happy Child

Among all the other concerns parents often have, raising a child in a way that makes them happy is a common one. This is to be expected, what parent doesn’t want their child/ren to be happy from the very start.

Babies actually cannot understand emotions until about six to eight months of age. Pervious to this all they know is if their needs are or are not met. This means to raise a happy baby from birth to six months all you have to do is feed, change and care for your baby like a living parent would.

After the sixth month, the thing that makes babies happiest is their parents. Give your baby as much of you as possible. Remember to allow your child to figure things out and master skills on their own as well though. Over caudling and never allowing your child to experience the joy of self-success will actually make them less happy later in life.

Even after the sixth month ensuring needs are met, is probably the second best way to have a happy child. A baby with a full belly, warm body and plenty of sleep is far happier than one that does not. Stay in tune with your child and anticipate his/her needs even if he/she cannot vocalize them yet.

Next, stimulate your child’s mind. While many parents think dvd’s and videos do this best its actually the simplest things that stimulate babies. Flashing lights and televisions can over stimulate causing distress where as a spoon, bit of brightly colored string or strong contrast picture make them think, play and discover. Make sure to offer age appropriate toys to your child and play with them as much as you allow them to play by themselves.

Lastly, be happy yourself. Babies and children alike learn by example. If they see their parents happy , smiling and enjoying life they are more likely to as well. On top of this if you are grumpy and angry you are more likely to project these feelings towards others including your children inadvertently. Grumpy guses are also less likely to want to play and do family activities.

Keep in mind that all babies are born with different personalities. What makes one baby happy may not make another. What one baby looks like or does when its happy may not be the same as another. Get to know your baby, trust your instinct and give all of your love and you can’t raise a sad baby.


Being a mother was really

Being a mother was really very complicated but you are also responsible of the child you are bearing they should grow happy and healthy.