when should kids start writing

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  • sangini

i am wondering about the right time to start writing.
i know a playschool, where children start to write at 2 years of age, which i find unimaginable.
i will never put my child to those schools. however they tout it as a differentiator from other playschool. this makes me feel many parents want their kid to start writing as early as possible.
is this the way most schools are running these days?

  • quest

My son started writing only at the age of 4 and I never forced him for it. But recently I have seen most of my friend's kid do start writing alphabets at the age of 3. Infact if you go for admissions to PP1 they asked the kids to write some alphabets isn't it wrong. But yes its happening.

  • sweetlittle

2 years is too early.
are you sure he is being asked to write. it is possible that he is given pencil and paper to scribble. this may help improve his motor skills. are they looking for any specific shapes, letters or numbers. if not then my guess can be right, which is they just want him to have fun and at the same time develop control over things that he holds.

  • newmem

This generation kids are starting with alphabets at 3 but not before that. sweetlittle is right maybe the child is being given a pencil to scribble and is not expected to write something specific.

  • ektasharma

If you are talking about using the pencil just for the sake of scribbling or writing anything he/she likes then you can get them started at 18 months itself for improving gross motor skill. Now a days Magnetic writing boards are available which is very handy and has magnetic plastic pen and eraser. My daughter has been using it since she was 20 months old and she enjoyed.

If you are talking about writing alphabets definitely 2 is too early to start such writing know hows. I will never recommend to put your child in one such school.

  • bulbul

I think that a child should not be forced to writing something systematic only after 4 years of age.

  • dikoy

My daughter used t scribble since she was 19 months old but I never forced her into systematic writing. She wrote her first alphabet when she was about 3.5 yrs old. She herself showed interest then I guided her to writing.

  • zhumizhum

My son writes a couple of alphabets like I, L and H and he is 3 and half. I am not forcing him onto it.

  • firni

My son used to scribble when he was 2 years old and he started with writing alphabets when he was 4 years of age and went in PPI.

  • toppy

sangini its never good to force things on kids at an early age. And on forcing things kids loose interest. I would say show your kid how he can use crayons etc and let him explore how to use it. This will create interest and slowly you can get him into systematic writing which can vary from child to child.

  • omnihere

My son is 3.5 years old and he does not write any alphabets or numbers apart from 1 off course. And I do not force anything on him. Now slowly he is showing interest so I show him how to write and he has started trying to copy. In his playschool also they have taught him to write standing, sleeping and slanting lines.