Multigrain Flour -- Healthy for kids?

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  • masti

These days there is lots of hype about the multigrain flour that various brands like Pillsbury and Ashirwad are selling in the market. Other day one of my friend was suggesting me to use that flour for my chapattis. Yesterday evening in the Supermarket I met a salesperson who was promoting one such flour. She told me that it was healthy in all respects.

Any experience in this front moms.

  • tunnimera

As far as I know Multigrain atta is very healthy for kids. As its difficult to have the right combination of different grains when doing that manually and all the grains have different benefits of its own.

  • fandy1234

I am using multigrain atta from Pilsbury. We started using this mainly for our daughter. I have heard and read that multigrain atta will be good for my child. Then why not.

I cannot work so much to buy separate atta of each grain and then mix it and I am sure I will not able to mix the right amount of each that will have the best results.

  • desimom

Different types of grains have its own benefits for kids health. And its a good thing if you are able to give the benefits of all the different grains just in one thing. Make sure you use the flour of a good brand.

  • nostin

I use Multigrain atta for preparing chapatis for my daughter. Previously I have been trying to give the different grains to my daughter in various ways then once a friend suggested me to use this multigrain atta and I also think that its a good thing.

  • laliseth

After this Multigrain atta has come in the market my hubby has always been particular about buying that atta only. He says that if its good for health then why not. I am not sure how much of nutrients it has and in which ways is it better from normal wheat atta but if its beneficial even little bit then why not.

  • eva

I have never used Multigrain flour. Though have come across the advertisement. After reading through all the posts here I feel that I should also start using multigrain flour for my family.

  • masti

Going through all your views and experience I am planning to start giving rotis made of Multigrain atta. Next time I go shopping I will get multigrain atta.