Caring for a newborn in winter

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  • sheel3

Hi All,
Am blessed with an angle on 12th Dec. Now I want to take good care of my baby and would like to know some tips about newborn's care specially in winter. Another couple of month is going to be cold so would be great if you could share your experience in taking good care of my baby during this time.

  • cinni

First and foremost important thing is that you should breastfeed your baby. As breast milk has all the antibodies that helps the baby reduce the possibilities of illness. If breast milk is not enough and you are bottle feeding make sure to choose a good bottle along with good milk powder. Mostly glass bottle is preferred to others.

Another thing to take care is that when giving bath make it quick, mostly it does not take more than 10 mins. And wipe baby's body immediately and properly. And make sure to keep the room warm when you give bath to the newborn.

  • leena3

Its good to give a massage to the baby before bath and use warm water to give bath in winter. After bath keep the baby in a place with sun rays for sometime. Sun rays are good for the baby. Though exposure for long duration is not good.
Cover the baby with warm cloth rather than putting too many warm clothes as warm clothes may cause sweating which in turn could cause cough and cold.

  • sweetlittle

Babies cannot regulate his own body temperature and tend to loose heat rapidly through hands, legs and head. Its very important to keep these parts covered. Socks for feet, gloves for fingers and a woolen cap for the head this would be helpful. Also try to keep the baby's ears covered to prevent any ear infection.

  • arpitha

sheel, Congratulations for the baby.
Some of the things I have been doing are:
1. Do not give a bath to your baby daily as water can make baby's skin more rough & dry due to less humidity in the air.
2. Do not put a lot of warm clothes for your baby due to which he may sweat internally which could lead to rashes.
3. Keep your baby's skin moist for this use Moisturiser ment for babies.

  • Ohlivia

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