Mundan ceremony for my daughter

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  • missymiss

Next month we are going to have mundan(shaving the first hair) ceremony for my daughter. For us its we have to do it at our native place. Its a grand ceremony in which all our relatives are invited and we have party.

Do you also have mundan ceremony for your baby and how do you celebrate it.

  • happynlucky

yes we have similar ceremony.
we visit some religious places for the mundan like banaras and haridwar.

  • bivanathani

We also have a similar ceremony.
Something I like about this ceremony is that I do not have to do anything.
All the preparations are done by grandparents Smile
And paternal aunt has to do all the rituals Smile

  • cp222

At our place we have mundan for boys only so we did not have mundan for my daughter.

  • laliseth

We did shave the first hair of our daughters but do not have any grand ceremony for that. We just have a puja and that it. Its just a family matter.

  • hg2009

For us we don't do anything special for mundan. Its just that we have to get the first hair of the baby shaved.

  • jackandjill

We also had a grand mundan ceremony for my son. Infact in our hometown we hire some people who play dhol and we go to the river side with all family and friends and have the mundan done. Then we have grand ceremony at home once we are back.

  • isitha

We have a grand celebration for mundan. We are going to have mundan for our son in May and we have already started with the preparations.