have you tried fertility medicine of ramdev baba?

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  • doesithelp

i am thinking of taking ramdev baba's medicine for infertility. have you heard of it, tried it or know someone who has tried it?

i have heard positive feedback on ramdev baba's medicines in general. nothing particular about fertility related medicine.
not sure if this is effective especially when they are so many other options are available.

thank you in advance

  • tuhini

I have heard of ramdev baba's medicine being very effective for a lot of problems & diseases. Actually Ramdev Baba tell to some Yoga along with medicines. And Yoga does help a lot. I am not sure about his medicine for infertility but I can tell you Yoga can definitely help if done properly.

doesithelp, please let me know if you start taking the medicine and practicing yoga.
I am also trying to get pregnant and if nothing works I may also give Ramdev Baba's medicine a try.

  • genie

Me too have heard a lot of Ramdev baba and his medicines. And everyone says it works be it in heart diseases, diabetes, hair fall etc. Haven't heard anything about his medicines to help in fertility but I definitely think its worth trying.
All the Best!!

  • dikoy

I had severe Thyroid problems after having my daughter and someone suggested me to go for Baba Ramdev's medicine. I did take his medicine and also practiced yoga as advised and in now my Thyroid problem is gone. But I do practice yoga now also.

I think Baba Ramdev will surely have some medication for infertility please do visit one of his centers.

  • tunnimera

Hey I do have a friend who is going through some Ayurvedic treatment for PCO but I am not sure if its Ramdev Baba or someone else and last I talked to her she told me that there was some improvement and now she was able to have regular periods. Hope she conceives.

So, I would say give it a try.

  • missymiss

Ramdev Baba's medicines are a big success with all kinds of ailments. I strongly recommend you to go through the treatment for infertility. Don't waste time thinking over it. Atleast be sure it will only benefit you in someway and never harm you.

  • cp222

I personally don't think that these medicines will help.. I strongly recommend to consult a doctor who can advise you properly with the available fertility treatment options.....

  • courtneyadams

I second what cp222 said above. You really need to see a doctor for help with this. There are undoubtedly natural methods to help increase fertility, but it's good to see a specialist.
Good Luck!

  • LeilOle

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