Recipe for the dryfruits ladoo prepared for breast feeding moms

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  • frisk25

Hi!! moms

In Indian all the breast feeding moms are given some special kind of ladoo made of dry fruits. Can you please share its recipe here.


  • simmy

Are you talking about Gond Ladoo.

If yes then here is the recipe


Whole wheat flour 1/2 kg
Ghee 200gm
Sugar 250gm (preferably powdered gur)
Gond 200gm
Cashew nuts100gm
Almond 100gm
Rasins 100 gm
Grated dry coconut 200gm
Makhana 50gm
1/3 cup khus khus
1 tsp elaichi powder
1 tsp dry ginger powder
1 tsp methi powder

1. Roast the grated coconut and keep it aside. Roast the khus khus and then powder it when its cold.
2. Take ghee in a kadai and fry all the dry fruits one at a time. Fry almonds, cashew nuts and makhana. Fry the Gond
3. Grind all the fried dry fruits and mix with the roasted coconut and raisins.
4. Powder the fried gond.
5. Mix the flour with ginger powder, fenugreek powder and elaichi powder and roast this mixture in remaining ghee.
6. Mix the dry fruits mix, gond powder to the flour and mix for a while.
7. Switch off the gas stove and add the powdered sugar mis the ingredients well.
8. Let it cool a little then make ladoos from the mixture while its still warm

Its a very rich ladoo to be eaten during pregnancy.

  • binisha

I did eat this ladoo during my pregnancy but sorry I do not know the recipe. As my mom made it for me Smile

  • checkhina

The recipe is very much same as mentioned by simmy. I add a few more dry fruits like pistachios and walnuts. I also add pumpkin and melon seeds (known as magaz).

  • zohra

The ladoo seems to be very healthy. Can anyone who is not feeding eat this or just meant for breast feeding moms.

  • mangopulp

This is a great recipe for making dry fruit ladoo for all breast feeding mothers. This Indian recipe has all the nutrients that go into nourishing the mother as well as the child. This is a very valuable bit of information for all mothers and moms to be across the nations. The preparation is simple too and brings in all the goodies!

  • @p@rnaP

zohra wrote:
The ladoo seems to be very healthy. Can anyone who is not feeding eat this or just meant for breast feeding moms.

Anyone can eat it. My hubby is enjoying these ladoos with me Smile

  • petrescue

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