Almonds during pregnancy - Is it safe?

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  • hennnliy

I have recently come to know that I am pregnant and a lot of queries are coming in my mind. I have been eating soaked almond early in the morning. Am just wondering whether I should continue this now that I am pregnant.

Can almonds be harmful in anyway?

  • ektasharma


i don't think almonds should be harmful in any way. in fact if i remember it correct, almond is said to improve the intellect of child. so if you were looking for smart child then you cannot go wrong.
our wishes are always there for you.

  • dikoy

Almonds are safe during pregnancy. Almonds have a lot of protein so it will be good. Just make sure you do not eat a lot.

  • monirani

Almonds and Walnuts are good for pregnancy. These are supposed to be good for the brain development of the fetus.

  • animini

First of all congrats...
Almonds are really really healthy. Keep taking soaked almond. It will help in the good development of your baby.

  • wahida

Nuts produce a lot of heat so it may not be as good in the early weeks of pregnancy. Its better to get an advice from the gynae for this. He/She will have the right suggestion.

  • nostin

If I remember right I had been suggested by someone to eat soaked almonds everyday in the morning and I did so throughout my pregnancy.

  • petrescue

Almonds is safe to eat but you need to eat it daily because that is too much and not better for pregnant.

  • kristenfli

Almonds are really good and chocolate are really delicious too, but it would be sad if you can not eat this during pregnancy. - Paul Kadri