is digene safe during pregnancy?

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  • ojiesarkar

do you think digene safe during pregnancy. will it have any side effect on either mother or baby's health?
digene is something i carry in my bag all the time. but, is this safe during pregnancy also?

  • toppy

taking antacid like digene is not uncommon. most of us had to look for one at some point during pregnancy.
but it is important to speak to a doctor and take his/her opinion. she may suggest another antacid, which could be more suited to your body or more effective for you at this stage.
in general, don't use any tablets without consulting your doctor during pregnancy.

  • sushma30

I did take an antacid during my pregnancy. But not Digene my gynecologist suggested some antacid which is for use during pregnancy.

  • Chapchup

Gastric is a very common problem during pregnancy and mostly one has to rely on Antacid for this. But always consult your doctor instead of taking on the counter medicine.

  • yimytra

During my 2nd pregnancy I had acidity and gastric problem and I took Digene on my own and it did not help me. Them my doctor gave a different Antacid. So, best is to go ahead and ask your doc.

  • kareenakaps

As far as Antacids are concerned they are supposed to be safe during pregnancy but its always advisable to consult your doctor as you cannot take any risk during pregnancy. And another suggestion is that before going for medication why don't you try some of these
1. Eat small meals at small intervals.
2. Drink plenty of water.
3. Do not eat within 2 hours before going to bed.
4. Avoid spicy, fatty and fried food which can cause acidity.
5. Sit straight while eating.

  • vikramkiran

Any medicine should not be taken during pregnancy with out doctor's recommendation.

  • petrescue

I don't have an idea for this but you can still consult it first! - BrandStar Entertainment