Is drinking tulsi tea safe during pregnancy?

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  • vgishna

I am in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy and I have got cough and cold. Normally I used to have Tulsi tea and it always helped me to get relief from cough. Now that I am pregnant I am wondering if it will be safe to have Tulsi tea for cough?

  • bb856

i don't think tulsi should be harmful. i think tulsi does not have any caffeine.
take it with caution and don't take too much of it though.

  • sayyes

Tulsi leaves will not do any harm but make sure that the place from where you are getting the tulsi leaves is from clean are where it may not be contaminated with fertilizers etc.

  • laliseth

I am not sure about what is tulsi tea. But if you are talking about boiling tulsi leaves in water and then drinking that water then I have used this many times while I was pregnant and did not see any side effects.

  • cinni

I did take tulsi leaves in various forms for several thing likes congestion, reducing stress etc. during my pregnancy. And its good in all aspects but take care not to have it in excess. I do not know of any such harm but still nothing is good in excess.

  • wahihai

My aunt also suggested me tulsi for relief from congestion. So, I guess its safe.

  • vgishna

Thanks a lot for your inputs

  • YamI

This was an useful info for me. A good way to get rid of cold and cough without taking medicines. Thanks.

  • chimanpurboys

I don't know about this therapy, but i really appreciate get information and thanks for sharing this pretty article. I really feeling glad to read it. It is an important method and a nice therapy to maintain their pregnancy.Cheers!

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