Relax, Breathe & Rock Your Baby to Sleep

Grandma rocks your baby and you don’t. You have been through every how to raise baby book imaginable and all of them say that you have to set your baby down, let them cry it out and learn how to self soothe. 

They instruct you to get your child sleepy enough, forego the rocking chair after 3 -4 months of age and just drop them into the crib closing the door behind you as you whisper good night.

Then, you have watched how nanny 911 gets parents to go in the room and pat bottoms two or three times but never pick baby back up. Eventually, like magic – the baby is asleep! And why not, after an hour or so of fussing and whining they have no other choice.

If you rewind a bit and think about putting a baby’s to sleep before the Ferber method and all these other child-rearing manuals became guide books to raising children, you will realize that the rocking chair has been as much a part of pregnancy and childbirth as breastfeeding and bottles. 

how to rock baby to sleep

The fact is that long before moms had curious mobiles, interesting DVD’s and Baby Mozart toys to distract their baby they had to rely on the one thing they did have to get their baby to sleep soundly; motherly instinct!

While it is true that children become used to being rocked to sleep, you are challenged right now to find an 8-year old that still requires a bit of rocking before bedtime. Now, look for a preteen or teenager that seeks out mom and dad’s arms before bedtime.

The point is clear; rocking your baby will have them fall asleep a bit faster, it may be a bit addictive to you and your baby – but like all other things in childhood, it won’t last forever.

The problem with our children is that they actually want to grow up and be big kids.  When that happens, parents sit back with bittersweet tears in their eyes completely amazed at how quickly the whole thing happened.

Ask any parent who has teenagers and they will tell you that their biggest regrets are not spending as much quality time with their children.

If they could do things over again, they would admit they would rock their baby to sleep and mother their children through their hearts rather than through the pages of some book.

Go ahead and rock your baby to sleep. If you don’t mind them being in your arms, watching their eyes teeter backward as dreams fill their minds and are comfortable knowing that your child goes to sleep peacefully, without fear and without apprehension every night because you took the time to rock them; then go ahead and do so. It is not something you will regret later in life.

Even more, you may find that you enjoy rocking your baby to sleep.  After a hard day for you or your child, there is nothing quite as calming as spending the minutes before sleep together, unwinding and relaxing together. 

This allows children to feel safe and secure and doesn’t cause apprehension about going to sleep.  Would you rather your child spend an hour crying and calling out your name or spend 15 minutes in a chair made for motherhood, rocking them to the sound of your own voice?

The entire going to sleep issue has really pitted generations against one another.  It isn’t that today’s generation of mothers is making a mistake just that they are made to feel guilty for indulging in their own babies.

 They are judged for doing something as natural as rocking a baby to sleep and limits are put on everything.  As if rocking your child for the first years of their life is going to warp them somehow. 

On the contrary, it may create a special bond between the two of you and be one of those times during the day that you enjoy the most and look forward to.

If you want to rock your baby, rock your two-year-old or hold onto your three-year-old before they let go of your hand; then go ahead and rock them to sleep – relax and enjoy the moments because they all are fleeting!

Child Sleepovers! Are You and Your Child Ready

Having children means sleepovers at some point. Here are some pointers for helping your child with the big night!

This is a big night, for you and your child. Chances are your little one is extremely excited about sleeping, for the first time, away from home. You are perhaps not quite as excited. This article will assist you in preparing your child for the first night ever, he won’t sleep in his own bed.

Who are we fooling? Preparation for the first sleep-over is for mom and dad. The more prepared we feel our children are will help us sleep in our own beds while they are away.

The first step in preparation for an away, all night, play date, is; the certainty that your child is age-appropriate. Different children are ready at different times.

You know your child better than anyone. Just because his friends are ready, and may have previously experienced a night away from their parents, does not mean that your son is ready. Do not allow him to sleep away from home until you are certain he can handle being away.

You may be saving him from ridicule, if he breaks down, wanting to go home. “A big boy who is homesick for mommy”, can quickly become a target for ruthless kids. Use your better judgment. (Don’t use this excuse, if it is really you who can not handle his being away.)

Perhaps second to be certain of your child’s readiness is; How well you know the parents, in whose charge he will be, for the overnight hours. Don’t allow your child to stay at the home of an acquaintance.

Of course, you do not wish to offend the inviting parent, but kibitzing on the sidelines of your son’s soccer game does not obligate you to turn him over to a stranger’s care.

Essentially, this is what the inviting parent is since you do not have a personal relationship. Now that you are confident of your child’s readiness, and are well within your comfort zone, concerning the inviting parents, you may turn your attention to preparing your child.

The chances are you have been preparing him for this moment for a long time. You have taught him right from wrong, and how to behave as a visitor. No doubt you have given him age-appropriate talk about stranger danger.

You’ve taught him it is o.k. to say ‘no’ to an activity that makes him feel uncomfortable. He knows his telephone number, and that you are available to him no matter what time it is. With a brief review of good manners in hand, he is prepared.

-Thanks a lot for reading my article “Child Sleepovers! How To Rock Baby To Sleep”. I hope to read and enjoy it! Best of luck.

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Relax, Breathe & Rock Your Baby to Sleep Grandma rocks your baby and you don’t. You have been through every how to raise baby book imaginable and all of them say that you have to set your baby down, let them cry it out and learn how to self soothe. ...