Depression: Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of happiness and holds a special place in a woman’s life still along with all the physical changes. There is a lot of emotional turmoil that a woman has to go through. Depression has become a common concern among pregnant women with 10 to 20% of pregnant women facing some form of depression.

Many a time women are not able to know that they are in depression as most of the symptoms mimic those of pregnancy such as mood swings, low energy level, etc.

changes during pregnancy
Changes During Pregnancy

Some of the symptoms that should ring a bell for you are: Feeling extremely sad / no sense of joy at all, Crying or feeling agitated on small things, Feeling worthless, Extreme fatigue and Extreme increase or decrease in appetite.

Mostly 2-3 symptoms occurring simultaneously is a sign of depression. If you are going through some of the above symptoms it is good to consult your doctor.

Some of the common factors for depression could be:

  • Fertility Treatments
  • Difficulties in relationship
  • Miscarriage in previous pregnancies
  • Having problems in pregnancy
  • Stress in day to day life
  • Gone through abuse in past
  • Family history of depression
  • Unplanned pregnancy

Depression can be treated among pregnant women using an antidepressant. But make sure you do not take any medication without a doctor’s recommendation. Many times a psychiatrist can also be very helpful in getting you out of depression.

One can prevent depression by taking care of yourself emotionally. Here are some tips to help you keep you emotionally strong:

  • Do not keep your worries to yourself. Talk about these worries to your husband, friends and family members.
  • Try to keep yourself relaxed, by eating well, having good sleep and exercising well. Practice yoga or meditation to get some peace and relieve yourself from stress.
  • Spend a good time with your husband and other family members to have a good bond on which you can rely on during this time and after having the baby.
  • Take out time for yourself and spend time doing what you like. It is very important to take care of yourself as that is how you will be caring for your baby.

Mood Swings: Changes During Pregnancy

It is common to have a roller coaster of emotions during pregnancy. A pregnant woman could be very happy a minute and the very next minute she might be feeling concerned and low.

It is not uncommon for moms-to-be to go through such emotional turmoil. Mostly these mood swings are there in the first trimester of pregnancy and then again towards the end of pregnancy.

At the beginning of the pregnancy, a woman may be overjoyed at the thought of having her baby and some point she may be worried about the responsibilities that she will have to handle once the baby arrives.

Pregnancy is a period of mixed feelings about how a woman’s life will be like after being a mom, and how will these 9 months be for her. Physical issues like nausea, fatigue, etc. can be something troubling you.

changes during pregnancy
Changes During Pregnancy

What are the causes of mood swings?

There could be several reasons for mood swings such as changes in hormones and metabolism, stress and fatigue.

Progesterone and Estrogen are two female hormones that regulate the reproductive cycle and changes in the level of these hormones affect the neurotransmitters thus causing emotional imbalances. One may not be able to know the reason for your joy or despair and all these are because of hormonal changes.

Towards the end of pregnancy when one may have a feeling that she has lost control over her body and day to day life. Constantly thinking about the delivery and how life will be after the baby’s arrival is common among women. These things may be the cause of the mood swings that one goes through in her pregnancy.

How to get some relaxation from these mood swings?

Spend some good time with your better half. Try to find a time that you two can spend together and strengthen your love bond. This will be helpful for you two in taking care of your baby together.

Pamper yourself by finding some time for just yourself doing something for yourself. Go for a movie, massage or a vacation which will help you be happy.

Refrain from stress and anxiety practicing some meditation or reading some holy scripture that gives peace of mind. Stay away from any activity that can give stress.

Regular exercise along with enough sleep and rest can be very helpful.

When do I need professional advice for mood Swings?

If the mood swings last for more than 15 days you need to consult your doctor. You may be suffering from depression for which you need a counselor.

Forgetfulness: Changes During Pregnancy

Forgetfulness to some degree is very common among pregnant women. Though it’s very frustrating but normal. Few types of research have been done on this still there is no definite reason is known. Forgetfulness seems to a problem mostly during the first and the third trimester, though there is no such study for this.

Though there is not much insight about what could be the cause for this, many times doctors attribute this to fatigue that a woman experiences during pregnancy. Due to several discomforts like morning sickness, fatigue, and insomnia along with worries about the changes in life and the baby, it is very natural to forget things.

Low blood pressure and dehydration could also be cause for short term memory. During pregnancy, women perspire more and if they do not have proper intake of fluid it leads to dehydration.

Some research shows that their brain does alter during pregnancy affecting women’s concentration and ability to retain information in the memory.

What can be done to deal with forgetfulness?

Try to get some proper rest so that your mind has some peace, this will help you keep things in mind. May be forgetfulness is an indication for you to take your life easy, prioritize things that need to be done now, and things that can wait till you have time. This way you will have fewer things to remember and life will become simpler.

If you think you are forgetting day to day things find some simple ways that can help you. You can carry a small diary to keep notes for your day to day work. You can also set reminders on your mobile, which can help you remember your schedule. Fix the place to keep things of you and your family’s regular use.

Many times people tend to forget if lots of things are going on in their minds. During pregnancy, many things will be going on in your mind about your baby, etc. etc. Try to relax by going for a walk, taking a long bath, have a peaceful dinner. This will help you relax mentally and physically.

Morning Sickness: Changes During Pregnancy (Causes and Cures)

What is morning sickness?

Morning sickness is one of the first signs of pregnancy, as it can start as early as 2 weeks after conception. An empty stomach is thought of as one of the triggers so morning is a time for morning sickness to appear leading to its name. But the fact is one can fell ill at any time of the day.

Should every pregnant woman experience morning sickness?

Most women do experience morning sickness to some degree which can vary from mild nausea to feeling terrible and unable to take in any food or liquid. The severity of the effects seems to be greatest in women with a history of migraine or travel sickness. Still not every pregnant woman will experience morning sickness.

changes during pregnancy
Changes During Pregnancy

What causes morning sickness?

The exact cause for morning sickness is not known, but most doctors agree that the change in hormone levels that pregnancy triggers are the most major factor. The effects of change in these hormones changes the way your digestive system works, which can lead to higher levels of acid.

Many women experience a heightened sense of taste and smell while pregnant, which can make nausea feel worse due to unpleasant or strong odor, which could be another cause. Finally, tiredness and stress play a part, and most pregnant women are tired and stressed a lot of the time!

Will it last for 9 months?

Mostly morning sickness more or less disappears by around 12-15 weeks as hormone levels in the body stabilize. But it can occur over the full range of your pregnancy, but most women find that it.

What can I do to make myself feel better and not let morning sickness put me down?

Though there are several traditional ‘cures’ for the feelings of nausea, with the varying opinions of every mother on the subject. But every woman’s body is different and so no single thing will work for everyone. Some simple things to try which can help most women feel better.

  • An empty stomach can be a cause, as specified earlier, so snack little and often to keep hunger at bay, and keep a couple of biscuits by your bed to have during the night if you wake up.
  • Fizzy drinks and sucking on an ice cube can help.
  • Fresh ginger is known to calm the stomach, so making a tea from crushed root ginger or even chewing on a piece is worth a try.
  • Travel sickness remedies can also help, so it might be worth trying the magnetic wristbands which can be bought.
  • But you should never take any medication while pregnant without consulting your doctor.

One piece of advice – when you’re in a fit of morning sickness, it is necessary that you get enough energy for which just eat what makes you feel better maybe even chocolate, rather than a balanced diet. You can have your healthier food when you get relief from morning sickness.

How will my baby be impacted? Morning sickness will not harm your baby in any way as it is a natural part of pregnancy. In severe cases, it is not possible to keep any food or fluids inside and if this continues one could become dehydrated, which is very dangerous for the baby.

If the urine starts to become very dark in color this is a sign that your fluid levels are too low, and you should speak to your doctor.

-Thanks a lot for reading my topic – Physical and Emotional Changes During Pregnancy. Hopefully, you read and enjoy very much. Best of luck and have a good day!

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Depression: Changes During Pregnancy Pregnancy is a time of happiness and holds a special place in a woman’s life still along with all the physical changes. There is a lot of emotional turmoil that a woman has to go through. Depression has become a common concern among pregnant women with...