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One question we get constantly is, “What is the best convertible car seat on the market?”. Although we have plenty of reviews on great car seats, we started to wonder about that question ourselves. If we had to pick just one, which one would it be?

Before we could answer that question, we had to agree on what would make a convertible car seat not just great, but the best. Not only did we have plenty of our own ideas, but our Mom’s Panel and our readers had a great deal to say, too!

the best convertible car seat
The best convertible car seat

Here’s what we finally decided the best of the best convertible car seats would be:

  • Affordable enough for anyone on any budget.
  • Convertible for children from 20 pounds well into elementary school.
  • Of the highest safety standards and with innovative safety features.
  • Easy to use PROPERLY.

Once we knew how we were going to compare and judge the various convertible car seats on the market, we got to work. Through our own research, the recommendations and experiences of our Mom’s Panel and suggestions from tons of helpful readers, we went on our search for the best convertible car seat available on the market today.

We included many of the wonderful car seats we’ve reviewed and recommended on BabyMomStreet.com, including several car seat models from Britax, Chicco, Graco, Safety First and Evenflo.

We installed and uninstalled, adjusted, resized, lugged, carried and abused each one. At the end of the day, we had a clear winner and many of our readers got some real satisfaction out of saying, “I told you so!”

They may not have been surprised by the car seat finally voted “The Best Convertible Car Seat on the Market”, but we have to admit that we were, just a little. Why?

  • The best convertible car seat was NOT the most expensive one, in fact, it wasn’t even close.
  • The best convertible car seat was NOT a hot new brand, but one that’s been trusted for years.

So which car seat has now been enthusiastically declared

“The Best Convertible Car Seat on the Market”?

The Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat!

Some of you who have seen or even owned convertible car seats costing $300 or even more may be surprised to read that the title of “The Best Convertible Car Seat” has been given to a model that costs as little as $232 and we were, too! Although we had decided that the best car convertible car seat would have to be affordable for anyone on any budget, the price range we looked at went up to $350.

You Should Be Able to Afford to Keep Your Child Safe!

We have nothing against more expensive car seats; in fact, many that we’ve recommended on BabyMomStreet.com are quite expensive. But, we felt it was extremely important that the car seat we voted the best be affordable for parents on even the tightest budget.

Parents of modest means care just as much as anyone else about their little ones and all children deserves to be as safe and as comfortable as possible. We know very well the heart-sinking feeling of looking at a price tag and saying, “I know this is a better product for my child, but I just can’t afford it.”

No parent should have to say that when it comes to keeping their child safe in the car!

That’s why we were thrilled that the Britax Marathon is so moderately priced.

It definitely met our criteria that “The Best Convertible Car Seat on the Market” be affordable for anyone on any budget.

What’s most wonderful is that the Britax Marathon has an awesome safety rating and is packed with just as many safety features as the more expensive models. We weren’t willing to sacrifice one bit of safety in exchange for a low price on a convertible car seat and we know you aren’t going to, either. The Britax Marathon will give you wonderful peace of mind at every stage of your child’s growth.

How Much Should You Pay for this Car Seat?

The price of this car seat has remained consistent for just about every baby gear retailer on the net – somewhere between $240 and $300. We check prices regularly and have always found the best price at Amazon. However, they often sell out as this is a popular car seat so if you see it in stock on Amazon and at a good price it is worth grabbing.

Your Child’s Safety and Your Peace of Mind

The Britax Marathon has been subjected to extensive and thorough crash testing and meets or exceeds the rigorous US Safety Standards, including U.S. Compliance Standard FMVSS 213 and the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP)

The Britax Marathon is designed with steel reinforcement construction that provides excellent impact protection and also reduced forward movement in a crash or sudden stop. The Britax Marathon is also equipped with its own SafeCell technology, energy-absorbing foam that provides additional security and comfort.

This energy-absorbing foam protects your child from the shock of an impact or sudden stop by absorbing the energy into its own base before it reaches your child’s body. It will, in fact, crumple to protect your child from an impact.

The five-point harness is another safety feature that really counted with us. It’s extremely easy to use and adjust, with holders that hold the straps out of the way when you’re putting your child into or taking him out of the seat and easy adjustment without rethreading the whole harness. That’s a huge plus for anyone since rethreading can be a long and aggravating process.

Truly Convertible: Three Seats in One, Up to 70 Pounds!

The fact that the Britax Marathon is all the car seat you’ll need between 5-70 pounds makes it an even more affordable option and an incredible deal. Infant car seats typically only go up to 30 pounds or less, which means you then have to purchase a second car seat to hold your child until they’re old enough for a seat belt.

With the Britax Marathon, you can safely and comfortably secure your child in the same car seat for as long as you need to. That’s a huge money-saving option!

A Safe and Comfortable Car Seat for Older Children

Child safety seat laws vary from state to state, with some allowing you to go without a car seat much earlier (lower height and weight requirements) than others. Most parents feel better keeping their child in some sort of safety seat for as long as possible, but this can be difficult with a lot of convertible seats. Not so with the Britax Marathon. The adjustable straps and buckle positions mean that your child will be comfortable and secure until they (and you) are ready for a seat belt.

Very Easy to Use Properly and Safely!

Our third criterion for the “Best Convertible Car Seat on the Market” was that it had to be easy to use safely and effectively. We’ve seen way too many car seats installed or used improperly because they were difficult to use correctly. Most of the time, the parents didn’t even know the seat was not installed or adjusted the way it was supposed to be.

We’ve all heard horror stories about children being injured in an accident because of an improperly installed or adjusted car seat.

The Britax Marathon scored huge points for being very parent-friendly. The installation instructions for the car seat are very simple and easy to follow. The lock-off buckle ensures the security of the seat, the level indicator is easy to read and the level itself is easy to adjust for maximum safety during the install. The Britax Marathon can be installed in just a few minutes.

Both the seat and the five-point harness are very easy to adjust and extremely versatile. There are recline positions for the seat in both forward and rear-facing positions and the five-point harness is just as flexible. There are two positions for the crotch and three positions for the shoulder, making it easy to adjust the harness as your child grows.

Very Easy to Clean

As you can see, the Britax Marathon scored across the board on our list of must-have features, but there are also some great extra features that, at this price point, are unexpectedly wonderful.

One of them is very easy to clean fabric. The fabric on the car seat is a lot more durable than we expected. In fact, it stained less and was easier to clean than many other car seats we love and recommend.

Spills and leaks take much longer to soak in, so you can usually wipe them off before they stain. If they do stain before you can get to them, the cushion is easily removed to be run through the washing machine.

With all of these great features, it’s easy to see why so many of the moms on our Mom’s Panel and so many of our readers insisted that the Britax Marathon was “The Best Convertible Car Seat on the Market”. Having seen for ourselves, we agree completely.

So where can you get “The Best Convertible Car Seat on the Market” for the Best Price?

We’ve seen them at many big box stores and baby superstores, but we have found that Amazon consistently offers the lowest price. They also offer free shipping and a 365-day free return policy, which makes the deal even sweeter. They do sell out fast, though, so if you see one at a great price (You shouldn’t have to pay more than $240) then you should probably grab it.

-Thanks a lot for reading my article – The Best Convertible Car Seat on the Market. I hope to read and enjoy it. Best of luck!

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“We Finally Found the Best Convertible Car Seat!” Find out What We Learned… One question we get constantly is, “What is the best convertible car seat on the market?”. Although we have plenty of reviews on great car seats, we started to wonder about that question ourselves. If we had to pick just one,...