Sometimes when faced with infertility, it is difficult to remember what it is you wanted in the first place! Today we cover here brief information about trying to conceive a boy.

You see a baby food commercial on television and your eyes tear up, you fell a jealously for the tv mom and her smiling infant that is not only absurd (they aren’t even really related) but downright unhealthy. You recognize this, of course.

But the tears come anyway. You see a mother becomes frustrated with her toddler in the grocery store and wants to tell her that she should realize how much she is taking for granted.

trying to conceive a boy

You start considering a major financial overhaul; credit card balance transfers, mortgage refinancing, new lines of credit, not to buy a vacation home in some tropical paradise but to pay a fertility doctor another $10,000 to try another round of treatment.

You spend hours scouring the internet for natural remedies and testimonials by mothers who made it work despite the odds, only to find yourself feeling more frustrated than when you began.

For couples living with infertility or other complications with conception, ‘normal’ takes on a whole new meaning. Romantic date nights become nothing more than a precursor to another attempt at making it work, carefully planned around a fertility calendar.

Clomid, IVF, Follistim, ovulation, and hormones all become staple words in everyday conversation replacing discussions on things you once loved.

When was the last time you did something just for fun without any potential benefit to your chances of conceiving? When was the last time you and your partner made love without the thought that this could be “it”?

We grow up and get married, and the thought that we might not be able to start a family never crosses our minds. That’s what people do. They get married and start families. You’ve entered a world that you never knew existed and now you are lost in it.

What started as a genuine desire by you and your partner to grow closer to one another by experiencing the joys of pregnancy and parenting has become an obsession that has taken all of the happiness and excitement out of something that should be only that. Happy, and exciting.

You’ve heard stories of couples who give up on ever being able to conceive. They stop all the treatments, throw away all the calculators, timers, and thermometers, and just get back to living their lives.

Their hearts are heavy, yes. But they’ve realized that they are losing themselves (and each other) in their pursuit of family. And then, out of nowhere, they find out they are pregnant. Sometimes though, there isn’t a miraculous happy ending.

Sometimes it just doesn’t go the way they want, and they move on and make a new normal. But the important thing is that they get back to living their lives. Because whether your dreams of a baby come to fruition or not, you still have to be a happy person with a solid and loving marriage.

If you let the pursuit of family ruin or damage the family that you already have, you will be left with nothing to offer a child should you become pregnant, and nothing to hold onto if you don’t.

Trying to conceive a boy again?

Statistics prove that families, who have a firstborn girl, are 8 times more likely to try again for a boy. In fact, in families with female children, it is not unheard of for them to try 2, 3, or even 4 times in the hopes that they will eventually get their little boy.

Furthermore, mothers of girls often feel that their spouses are disappointed with the lack of testosterone in their family and feel both responsible and to blame for the lack.

So…is it truly worth trying to conceive a boy again?

Basically, it depends on who you ask. However that being said, the chances that subsequent children in the same home will be made when the rest of are female are slim.

Since the male genetics decide the sex of the baby – there could be a high chance that the man in the house is producing healthier or mass amounts of female sperm rather than male. Additionally, outside causes and body pH can play a major factor in the gender outcome of your children.

If you truly wish and desire a male – you probably need to take a good, hard, and detailed look at gender swaying. Even then – your chances are little above 505.

Yet the question has to be asked. What is so great about having a son, as opposed to having a daughter? Obviously, men may initially feel that they will be able to relate more closely to a daughter than a son. There is also the little situation of passing on the family name.

However, aside from that, shouldn’t we all be satisfied with the children that we have? It is one thing to craft a dream for yourself when it comes to your career and other aspects of life – but when it comes to our children, shouldn’t adults be more flexible. I think so.

If you are having children just for the sake of having a certain outcome, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. There is a school of thought that says we should trust in faith and understand that our destiny is not always decided by us.

And how is that daughter of yours going to feel when they find out one day that you were really hoping, praying, and trying to conceive a boy? And how are you going to feel with a houseful of pink receiving blankets? Disappointed? Absolutely not.

Yow will love your little girl just as much as you would have loved a little boy. Out of curiosity, I asked my own husband, the father of 4 girls – how he feels living in a women’s world.

While he will readily admit that he did want a boy and imagined himself with a son – he also agrees that he would never trade one of his little softball princesses for a son.

Sure, he didn’t imagine that he would be coaching softball or basketball for that matter and had a rather obscured vision of little girls. Experience though has taught him that it doesn’t matter whether your children are boys are girls – if the heart is open, you will love them just the same.

-Thanks a lot for reading my article – Trying to Conceive a Boy Read This Advice. I hope to read and enjoy it. Best of luck!

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Sometimes when faced with infertility, it is difficult to remember what it is you wanted in the first place! Today we cover here brief information about trying to conceive a boy. You see a baby food commercial on television and your eyes tear up, you fell a jealously for the...