Tips for Preparing Your Baby Sitter so you can enjoy a stress-free evening! Hiring a babysitter? Today, we will cover briefly about who needs a babysitter now.

Hiring a Babysitter?

Leaving your children with a babysitter can be stressful for parents. Whether you have chosen the nice teenager from down the street, who came highly recommended by your neighbors. There are some things every parent should do before leaving the house.

If your babysitter is prepared and you feel that you have given them all the tools they need to keep your child safe, you will be able to enjoy your outing more completely.

Purchasing or making one of those baby sitter bulletin boards is a perfect way to organize all the information that they will need. You should make sure to include all of your contact numbers as well as the contact number to an adult that lives near you in case there is an emergency.

who needs a babysitter now
Who needs a babysitter now?

Programming your home phone for your numbers is not enough, because many people won’t know how to speed dial on your phone. You should also leave your babysitter with a full itinerary of where you will be and numbers that they can call at those places just in case. Try to be as exact as possible so that if they need you, you can be reached easily.

Also leave a number for another family member who knows your children in the event of an emergency and instruct the baby sitter to call 911 first, before trying to contact anyone else.

It is also useful to leave instructions for your babysitter. If you have more than one child than leave them with a step-by-step guide for getting the kids to sleep at night, feeding them, etc.

If your child has any allergies – list them and make sure that your babysitter is aware of them. One idea is to have dinner already fixed, along with some special snacks prepared that you know work well for your child.

Babysitters should also know a few basics about your house. Knowing where the fuse box is in your home is important. Should the power go off or a fire ignites, they will need to know how to manage the electricity.

They should also be adept at locking and unlocking your doors. If your doors have any idiosyncrasies that can make them tricky, be sure to show the babysitter how to handle it. It is also important that a babysitter know where all of your first aid supplies are located in case they need a band-aid or something else to take care of your child.

Try to give your babysitter some hints about your child as well. If they have certain fears, then mention them so the babysitter won’t accidentally expose them to something frightening.

If your child tends to play hide and seek and has a favorite spot to hide, tell the babysitter where it is. This way, should your child hide – the babysitter won’t panic and will know exactly where to find them.

Give your sitter a tour of your home if they have never been there before. If you have any firearms or weapons, make sure that you have them securely locked up. Don’t trust that any babysitter won’t go looking around the house when the children are asleep.

The same is true for any medications or alcohol that you have at the house. The last thing you need is to come home to a sitter that has been tasting your wine.

Chances are everything will go just fine. Prepare ahead of time so that you won’t be scrambling around when the babysitter arrives, likely forgetting important things.

When your sitter has all the information they need, even if it seems like too much – there is less opportunity for things to go wrong and YOU will have a much more relaxing time away from home.

Would You Hire a Male Babysitter?

Hiring a Male Baby Sitter? Seems in this world of equality, parents till prefer leaving their children with a female

It’s interesting that in the world of babysitters and nannies, the majority of them are female. You gladly hire the neighbor teenage girl up the street and think little about it. However, when a young male volunteers to be a babysitter or show an interest in your children – many people think there is something wrong with him.

who needs a babysitter now
Who needs a babysitter now?

The truth is that no matter who you hire, male or female, you should have an overall sense of comfort with the person. And no matter how well you know or trust someone, you should always remain alert to foul play.

For many young boys especially, hiring a teen boy may be just the fit. He can play football with them in the yard, watch silly cartoons, and probably be a person that they can look up to in the future.

He may wrestle with them eagerly and rough house while you are gone – not necessarily imposing a whole lot of rules but getting the job done nonetheless. And as he becomes a buddy to the kids, you may find that the children actually look forward to him coming.

If you have a houseful of little girls, hiring a male babysitter comes with obvious reservations that are easy to understand. Still, it is unfair to immediately think a male is flawed if he likes to babysit.

In the big world, there are plenty of male influences from teachers to coaches that will play a huge role in your child’s development and growth. While men seem to bring something different to the table for our children than women do, they should be seen as just as capable and accepted just the same.

In polls conducted by a leading baby magazine, 483 people out of 500 said that they would not hire a male babysitter to watch their children regardless of the situation.

While none of them had experienced any problems with doing so, they admitted that they saw the situation unusual and one that ‘asks for trouble.’ The problem with this line of thinking is that parents seem to feel comfortable and safe with female care child takers just because they are female, and there is plenty of evidence that females can injure children just as easily as a male.

If you have a mixed family of little boys and girls, you may want to hire a teenage couple that you know to sit your kids for the night. This way the two of them can see first hand what having children is like and your little boys will have someone fun and rough to play with as well.

Parents should always do what they are comfortable with when it comes to finding people to care for their children. You shouldn’t automatically make negative or positive assumptions about anyone – and should do thorough research on every person that is left alone with your children. If you cannot find one in your area, your best bet is to take the kids along on your date or find suitable family members to watch your kids.

Problems with a Babysitter? Should You Tell Their Parents

Employing a babysitter is one of the most unnerving tasks of being a parent. For those of us not lucky enough to have family living nearby or other trusted caregivers, we have no choice but to trust our children’s well being to someone else.

For many people, this means finding a willing and able neighborhood teen to sit with the kids. But what happens when something goes wrong. If you came home and find your babysitter drinking a beer, or engaging in immodest acts with their boyfriend, how would you handle it?

First of all – you should not allow a teen, no matter how responsible – to care for an infant. In one crying fit, a teen may not be able to control their frustration and inadvertently shake your baby.

The second thing before you hand the reins over to a teenager is to make sure that you leave them plenty of immediate contact information so if a problem emerges they can find an adult quickly to assist. And lastly, try to wait until your child is old enough (around 2) to talk before employing a teenager. This way they can tell you in a fragmented version what went on while you were away.

If you are out for the evening to enjoy a nice dinner and have a teenager babysitting your children, you have to lay down some ground rules. You also should safeguard your personal information, perhaps disconnect your internet, and make some limitations on phone use – so that you aren’t surprised with illicit activity.

Secondly, you should make rules about whether or not anyone else can be at the house with them. If you allow them to have a friend or boyfriend over while you are gone, you should know who this person is.

After all, they will be in your house. Make sure that the teenager you are employing knows the rules and that you are extremely clear about what the expectations are.

Even then, things can go wrong. Your sitter could invite one friend over who invites a handful of others. Before you know it, your home is turned into a party house. Or, playing house for the night with a boyfriend, may make your teen sitter apt to try the wine or beer in your fridge.

Some take this opportunity of being without parents as a time to experiment with things like pot. If you come home and suspect that anything went on – you should confront the teen straight away. Ask for straight answers and expect them. The next decision you have to make is whether or not to share your insight into their personal life with their parents. This one can be tricky.

If you told them no boys and come home to find everything in order and them making out with their boyfriend, you may not have to make a scene. In fact, you could just tell them you are disappointed and choose not to hire them again. If they are a great sitter, then you may just share your feelings and out of respect – let it go, hoping next time they will follow your rules.

If the behavior, however, is illegal, detrimental to themselves or others – you have an obligation to share it with their parents. Think about it, you would want to know.

If you find the babysitter experimenting with alcohol or drugs – there is a chance, the parents don’t know about it. Your involvement could perhaps make a difference in the rest of their lives.

The same is true if you catch them having sex. Covering up for them or keeping it a secret in the interest of ‘being cool’ or making them feel safe with you is not the right path to take. Consider that you are a parent now too, and try to make your decision to share or not based on how you would feel if it were your child.

If you decide not to share and not to rehire the child – sometimes the message is clear enough. The bottom line is that a teenager will be a teenager. Even the most responsible and diligent are apt to make mistakes.

If your kids are being taken care of properly, (which you can find out by asking them) and you think they are comfortable with the sitter, indulging the teen just a little may not be the end of the world. Perhaps one day, someone will do the same for your teenager!

Thanks a lot for reading my article – Who needs a babysitter now? I need to know tips for every parent. I hope to read and enjoy it!

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Tips for Preparing Your Baby Sitter so you can enjoy a stress-free evening! Hiring a babysitter? Today, we will cover briefly about who needs a babysitter now. Hiring a Babysitter? Leaving your children with a babysitter can be stressful for parents. Whether you have chosen the nice teenager from down the...